Monday, April 27, 2020

Cougar Mountain rises up

Made a rough cardboard mountain shape.
Rock castings and plaster cloth were added to the cardboard frame, and any gaps were filled in. As you can see drywall compound and Plaster of Paris do not absorb paint the same. As a note you can't use the wet drywall compound in rock molds as it will not cure. I made a slurry of Plaster of Paris and painted over the compound areas.
Here are the results. Note the talus at the bottom of the cliff. After the trestle is permanently installed, more bits of rocks will be added.

Carving or scratching in strata lines help make the various cast rocks, blend together. In the picture below strata lines were even carved around a corner.
In some areas, faint line were enhanced a little, in other places the faint strata lines were over emphasized. The promitory below is an example of this
None of these cracks and fissure were in the casting.