Thursday, May 21, 2015

McDonald's farm

The scenery is now taking shape around the new Cave Junction. I had to start from the back, so McDonald's farm was set up with fences a wind mill and cows. A few more details and it will be done. Now I have to wait for Slade's Assay Office to arrive.
The cows look happy this evening.

Monday, May 4, 2015

More scenery added

Painted the river that now runs through Cave Junction and did a base coat in the new town area. Cut stone abutments were added for a new trestle over Trappers Gulch and areas for the bents were created there. Next the Anderson Creek area was worked on. As it stood the trestle would have looked like a box, with all the bents the same height. This didn't look right to me so the landscape was revised.  First the old road bed was removed and terraces were added to both side of the gorge. Now the bents will step down in a more natural fashion. The terraces were created by placing smaller and smaller pieces of ceiling tiles on top of each other, like the tiers on a cake. These were then plastered over and stone ridges were cut in as the plaster dried, giving a shale like look. Anderson creek was repaired and now has a small waterfall that tumbles down into the McDonald farm area.
had to add more land to support track

refitting the stamping plant

new trestle and approaches

revised Anderson Creek area and trestle

painted river through Cave Junction