Wednesday, January 31, 2018

First draft

Did up a track plan. It includes a main line and a branch which has 2 different destinations. The 18 inch table width may be restrictive but should work out fine. Toying with the idea of making the logging line from the spare tree narrow gauge as I have a narrow gauge engine. Logs would be reloaded to standard Guage at Patrick Creek. This line would be wired separate from the other branch and main line. As all trains will be short, the steep grades and sharp curves are fine.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dismantling has started.

After much thought I have decided it is time to dismantle my railroad. No its not the end, is a new beginning. The railroad will be rebuilt in freestanding sections about 18 inches wide by 6 feet long. So what do I want in my new railroad. I want a port, long runs, logging and what else will fit. I want lots of detail and being freestanding will help with that. I want a branch line and a main line that can be operated separate from each other, for the most part. Being that it will be DC block control, 2 separate lines make wiring easier, just 2 blocks. The section where they join will have to be able to be switched from 1 block to the other. It will be a point to point layout with a turn table at each end of the main line. There will be a connction with a major railroad that will have off line cars switch with the 5 finger method. This line, the S.P. R.R. will be code 100. Why Now?  Well I'm not getting any younger, so it can be dismantled easy when necessary, leaving a bare room. Also a friend is Dismantling his layout, so there is some cheap construction materials available, a type of recycling, you might say. Besides building is my favorite part of model railroading. The hardest part will be finding room to hold everything during the destruction.  I hope I can start sections as parts are torn down. I am going to make a scale plan of the new layout and then a full size plan of each section so I know what I want to keep and box them up in a box for each section. Well thats the plan anyway. Drawing up a full scale plan with the actual buildings and track will allow for adjustments before construction what a bonus.