Sunday, October 6, 2013

Log Train

After coupling to the string of log cars, Fred, the engineer eases off the brakes and sets the throttle.  The first log cars clear the bridge over Trapper's Gulch, as we enter the Eight Dollar Mountain tunnel.

We pause at Jackpine, the main camp, to take on water, and a quick coffee.

The train groans as the wheels squeal their protest rounding dead pine curve leading to the trestle over Sucker Creek.

Passing Takilma Smelter and Mill, we continue down hill.

We stop to take on water at Cave Junction

Arriving at O'Brien, we still need to shunt the cars at the Cougar Ridge Lumber Co.  Fred is looking forward to the return trip, with a string of empties, wondering what cookie has on the stove at Jackpine.