Saturday, May 19, 2018

It's Alive!

Got my throttle back, he found a loose wire and fixed it. Got it home and no power. It was mentioned that the cable was not in good shape, so I got out my meter and found the green AC-DC feeder had no power, no noticeable problems. Replaced the cable and it works like a charm. Now all my hand held throttles work. Now I have to label all my control panels.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

No power?

After hooking up the last bit of wiring  (to the turntable in Grants Pass) my Varipulse throtles would not work. Then I tried another throttle and Nothing! Well both throttles can't go bad at the same time, can they? So it must be my wiring. Reviewing my wiring plan I could not find a problem, but that doesn't mean that the wire gremlins can't. I did use different colours and wire type to keep everything straight. Next, I  unhooked the last bit of wiring  (all on a terminal, thank goodness) still no go. Next I tried a different areas to rule out a short in the Grants Pass area, Nothing! Next to eliminate any shorts or Transformer problem I set up a test track powered by a different throttle, still Nothing!  Both throttles can't go bad at the same time, can they? I got out another 1, and to my surprise it works.  Opened up the Varipulse, everything looks good,  the other throttle had a broken wire. So I guess I dropped the Varipulse 1 too many times. A friend of mine is going to check it out. On the positive  side (pardon the pun) my wiring is good to go.

Trail into the woods.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Now I have to paint a horse trail into the woods on the backdrop, that's hard to reach.
I think it will turn off to the right  or left rather quickly.