Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scenes on the Grants Pass Western

Some pictures George Dutka took of my railroad.  Flatheads is a Full Steam Ahead lazer kit, Kerby Station is a Down Town Deco Kit.  The water tank is only temporary, good think by the looks of the slant it is on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 Blowing off steam, popping off I think they called it
 We took on water here. The square tank is an old water tank from a shay which is automatically filled by a stream.
 As in the above picture, note the guard rail on the inside of the curve only.
Expansion joint?  I hope it is the rail that is bent to the right is the one that moves.

Early construction of the peninsula

Early construction.


Another scratch built boat.


Map of the Grants Pass Western, I used as many real place names as I could, but none of the buildings are based on the real thing.

Sam Cahoon's Fishhouse

 Sam Cahoon's Fishhouse. I scratch built Sam Cahoon's and Fishhead Fertilizer from pictures of Bob Hayden's Thatcher's Inlet.
The boat is scratch built also.

In the begining

My layout started with an Iain Rice plan, the Lilliput Logger.  This formed the basic track plan for the peninsula.  The port area is another Iain Rice plan called the Loleta & Mad River.  A track plan evolved to join the two together.  Because I loved Bob Hayden's Thatcher's Inlet, I included Sam Cahoon's Fishhouse and Fish-Head Fertilizer (both scratch built).  As my railroad progressed, I read too many MR's and wound up with the gnawing feeling that my railroad had no history or bases in fact, what to do?  Ah, the internet.  Since Iain Rice drew from the Arcata and Mad River Railroad for his Loleta & Mad River plan, I started there. I stumbled upon the California & Oregon Coast Railroad Co.  Founded in 1911 by the city of Grants Pass to connect with a 1906 - constructed, 15.7 miles long logging railroad, the Crescent City and Smith River Railroad.  The rails only made it 15 miles west before it went into receivership.  Perfect, I can make up my own railroad, oh thats what I had already done!