Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sawmill completed

Sawmill painted and weathered.  Logs and lumber piles added.  Just need some people now to finish it off.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sawmill part 3

 With another 147 pieces of wood, a water tower, log ramp, donkey engine pad and dock, cable towers for the log unloader, have been added to the sawmill complex. Some siding and roof sections have also been added.  Now for the tedious part of cutting out the window openings.

The second picture shows the log ramp and the log unloader with attached cables,  the 2 log cars are permanent.

Another view of the log pond.  Some of the buildings siding has been added as well as some roof sections.  The water tank tower can be seen to the right of the sawmill. If you look closely you can see a log sliding down the log dump, into the log pond. Now I need 2 men with log pikes, pushing the logs around.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sawmill part 2

saw added to second floor, waiting to get more wood to side the sawmill.

log dump under construction I plan on putting a donkey engine on the other side with cables on poles to pull the logs off the log cars.

 old sawmill was reworked, tracks moved and saw removed as seen in next picture

by moving the building to the wall and moving the tracks, I now have a yard/team track in Cave Junction
I think this will be a better arrangement for operating.

the actual Hobbs, Pomeroy Co. box plant worked 1,250,000 feet of lumber into boxes in 1880.

Boxes were destined for bread and sugar, and for the Cutting & Co. packing house of San Francisco.  From 1,500 to 2,000 boxes were turned out daily.

mean while I kit bashed a couple of kits together for a friends N scale layout. He will be using them as part of a Talc mine complex.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New sawmill

 I wanted a larger sawmill for my layout and liked both of these. I like the open second floor on the Coon Gap sawmill and the general shape of the other one.
 an area was cleared, track rearranged, a log pond dug and a simple mockup in place.  Looks like it will fit.
Bass wood hand sawn, cut to length and three walls layed out.
150 timbers and beams latter, the basic timber frame is complete.  More to follow as work progresses.
To put in the sawmill I will have to move the tie mill, the spar tree at Jackpine , and reconfigure the old Couger Ridge Lumber company, I want the saw plant for the second floor which will be open. This will give a longer run for my shay all the way from Happy Camp to O,Brien.