Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Main Control Panel

The main control panel wasn't labelled nor painted, so I decided to make a styrene face for it, which would be applied over top of the wood one. Using the wood panel as a template all the holes and cutouts were cut into the new styrene panel. It was then labelled where needed.

The 4 rotary switches select which 1 of 3 cabs power each of the 4 divisions. There is a plug in for 2 of the cabs. A DPDT switch selects where the turntable gets its power from, either the N. P. Or the port division. 

Editors note. The third cab will be a power pack, mostly used for testing and troubleshooting.  The numbers and letters are from a peel and stick lettering sheet from Walmart.  There are 2 smaller panels. Panel 1 is at Grants Pass and also has 2 plug ins and a DPDT switch to select power from either N.P. or the main division.  Panel 2 controls O'Brien in a like manner.