Friday, December 27, 2013

Tie & Plank Mill

The inclusion of the Tie & Plank Mill at Jackpine Camp was just too much.  It could not hold enough cars and switching was a chore, so out it comes, now where can it go, the extension at Grants Pass of course.  With not much work it moved right in.  After putting it in and adding new scenery, I noted that the log cars block the cars loaded with ties and planks.  What to do?  If a turnout will fit a track could be added to feed the logs on the left side of the structure, but this will necessitate moving the mill to the right, not at all impossible.  Or the siding now used for both loading and unloading could be shortened and the only yard siding left could instead be used as the track to load ties and planks. Both are good options, I will think on it for a while.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Plans change

Well I procrastinated myself out of the coal dealer on the Grants Pass extension.  Instead I moved Sprat & Kleen from Patrick Creek, probably to be replaced by a couple of houses, or a gas station.  Reasoning for this move was to get the stock yard in O'Brien and the slaughter house further apart.  This also helps with switching Buckley Mills.  It will however move that problem (2 industries on one siding) to the siding serving Utah Beet Sugar Co.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grants Pass Expansion

What was to be a small expansion yard turned out to be much different in the end. I had to extend the river, which cause problems with the track work, humm, just like in real life. But it finally took shape. The Utah Beet Sugar Co. was set in place with that track extending over the river to feed a coal dealer. Two other tracks also cross the river and form a yard that holds about ten cars.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thirty foot gon

I started with a department store train set gon. After taking it apart, the center section was removed, cutting along the side braces. The weight as shortened as was the under body. The parts were then reassembled and painted. Couplers and wheel sets finish the car.  It was then weathered and lettered.
original car

car taken apart

Car cut up bottom piping saved and other part not used
Car painted, weathered and lettered

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Suckers Oyster Shack

Original building

Starting with Shuckers Oyster Shack by Full Steam Ahead, (Just one of two buildings in the kit) I added a lower section made of board and batten scale lumber sheets. A dock system and people were added to the scene along with some barrels and crates. The scene is in a back bay of Port Loleta
Added a lower section and dock to the bottom of the building

Monday, November 4, 2013

Grants Pass Station

New station area at Grants Pass. The track behind the station and the factory were removed and a water tank and shanty added.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Log Train

After coupling to the string of log cars, Fred, the engineer eases off the brakes and sets the throttle.  The first log cars clear the bridge over Trapper's Gulch, as we enter the Eight Dollar Mountain tunnel.

We pause at Jackpine, the main camp, to take on water, and a quick coffee.

The train groans as the wheels squeal their protest rounding dead pine curve leading to the trestle over Sucker Creek.

Passing Takilma Smelter and Mill, we continue down hill.

We stop to take on water at Cave Junction

Arriving at O'Brien, we still need to shunt the cars at the Cougar Ridge Lumber Co.  Fred is looking forward to the return trip, with a string of empties, wondering what cookie has on the stove at Jackpine.