Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oregon Caves

The caves were discovered by Elijah Davidson in 1874 about 10 miles from Cave Junction. With 15,000 feet of passages and caverns, mostly neglected for many years, it has seen a couple of attempts at being a tourist destination, now government run as a National Monument and Preserve. On my layout, a planned gorge for the tracks to go over, with an unexpected hole in the back end of it, which somewhat resembles the cave entrance, has given me an unexpected opportunity to include the Caves on my layout. My interpretation will be of one of the first attempts but I have the advantage of it being within walking distance from the station. The visitor center will include an office, 1 of Bar Mills twin utility sheds, and a small pavilion made from part of the covered loading dock from the Farmers Market by Full Steam Ahead.

cave opening to right of the building

incomplete pavilion and visitors center structures

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