Sunday, November 8, 2015

New Bridge

New bridge
Bought a wooden bridge at the Woodstock Train Show. For the price I paid you couldn't even buy the lumber and to top that off, it was well built, nice find. After cutting in the bridge the road was repaired. The road surface and fences will be repaired later.

Repairs to road

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Banded Tank Car

Bought a old time wooden tank car at the Woodstock Train Show, it was begging me to take it home and for $4.00 why not. A little research and I found out it is a Ye Olde Huff n Puff, 30' banded tank car, kit price $19.95, however it is missing the top dome. The bands are brass and unpainted and there  is nothing holding the tank in place.

Removed and painted the bands and added cradles and hold down chains.  The railings were painted and a dome was scratch built.  Added a brake wheel at one end and a tap to the other end. A hose was also glued to the deck. The car was then weathered, looks a lot better now. A nice little addition to my logging branch line.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Progress Continues

Bridges, roads, fences and scenery added to the Cave Junction area.

The mainline was raised coming into O'Brien as was the trestle. The ground under the trestle also had to be raised so there is now 3 new water falls in the area.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oregon Caves

The caves were discovered by Elijah Davidson in 1874 about 10 miles from Cave Junction. With 15,000 feet of passages and caverns, mostly neglected for many years, it has seen a couple of attempts at being a tourist destination, now government run as a National Monument and Preserve. On my layout, a planned gorge for the tracks to go over, with an unexpected hole in the back end of it, which somewhat resembles the cave entrance, has given me an unexpected opportunity to include the Caves on my layout. My interpretation will be of one of the first attempts but I have the advantage of it being within walking distance from the station. The visitor center will include an office, 1 of Bar Mills twin utility sheds, and a small pavilion made from part of the covered loading dock from the Farmers Market by Full Steam Ahead.

cave opening to right of the building

incomplete pavilion and visitors center structures

Monday, July 13, 2015

Elijah's House

Elijah Davidson's house started out as a Company House Kit 798 by LASERkit Xpress. I cut the front wall, where the wing started. The end wall of the wing was also cut about in half. The cut off piece was used to make a new wall to fill in the space between the front of the main house back to the narrower wing extension. I needed to add a strip of clapboard to the top of the new wall to reach the roof. The roof over the wing had to be cut down to fit the narrower wing, along with the roofing. The 1 piece front roof fascia had to be cut to fit the new roof lines. The extra corner boards were cut from the Small Parts carrier sheet. The house was painted and stained and then all the trim, doors and windows were installed, all of which had been pre-painted. After installing the windows I put on a layer of Gallery Glass to hold them in place and make them look old. A tree stump casting, a seated man and Blackie the dog complete the scene. An easy kit to assemble with good instructions, the hardest part are the peel and stick windows.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Slade's Office

completed building

I needed a small stone building for the new scene in Cave Junction and B.T.S.'s Slade's Office fit the bill, well almost. The door was on the wrong wall so rather than cutting the castings I made a mold of the and cast them in hydrocal. I then cut these castings to rearrange it so the front door was on the low wall (the original metal castings will be used to build an Ice House for my harbour scene later on.).  As it turned out my castings were not perfect but this building is in the background so they will be OK. After cutting off the peeked ends and gluing them to the other walls, the building was assembled and braced. This would not have worked if the building walls were not about the same length. I first painted individual stones various earth tones, then it was covered with a thinned brown wash which pulled all the colours together. The walls were then washed with a black wash to highlight the joints between the stones. Window frames were painted white and a black tarpaper roof was added. A little stable with a white horse completes the scene.

metal walls, mold, cast wall, other metal parts and box

Monday, June 29, 2015

Scenery added to Cave Junction

With the buildings nearing completion in the loop area, the scenery got some attention. Lots of trees, ground cover, and people were added. I like to have people placed in such a way that they would be stationary,not always possible though. Two people talking, or people sitting, even a person standing looking toward something, all work well. Trees are added in groups of odd numbers and of different heights with a lot of under growth on the ground.
man plays with his dog Blackie and Mr. Davidson talks to his horse

a guest talks to the manager as his wife waits on the porch

man and boy on steps and Mrs. Green greets Mr. Black
lots of trees

two workers wait for the train